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The Academy of Financial Trading is a world leader in online trading education.  The team at the Academy of Financial Trading includes traders with several years of experience, as well as experienced market analysts. The analysts and traders, who provide the trading lessons, are backed by a reliable team of customer support staff, who will ensure you have continual assistance throughout the courses. The support team have mentored both seasoned and unseasoned traders, all of whom want to improve their trading. Furthermore the Academy of Financial Trading trainers are acquainted with the brokerage industry, so they understand when and why retail trades get made.Lear to Trade

The facts which separate the Academy of Financial Trading from every other trading educator is that each course is delivered LIVE, the staff have proven trading industry backgrounds, and the support throughout is second to none. Not only do the educators have trading backgrounds and they continue to privately trade live funds at profit, but the Academy of Financial Trading complements their real world trading with years of educational experience. They know how it feels for new traders in order to try to make better trades and the Academy of Financial Trading is comfortable conveying trading lessons to any dedicated individual.

The people at the Global Banking and Finance Review named the Academy of Financial Trading “Best Online Trading Educator” for the past 3 years running. The Academy of Financial Trading was also adjudged to be the Best Educator in Western Europe by the 2014 World Finance panel.

The team of staff who work for the Academy of Financial Trading make themselves available to help anyone… whether they are just starting to make trades of if they have a little more experience and  they want to try and improve their results. The Academy of Financial Trading can help clients who are willing to dedicate themselves to using their tools, their resources and their professional support.

The Academy of Financial Trading has a suite of trading tools which they developed themselves, and they are prepared to show these methods to anyone ready to learn. Their own methods have been perfected over several years of trading, and over several thousand trades. The interactive online sessions from the Academy of Financial Trading, as well as the question-answer elements, all get recorded and the students have access to the recordings for extended periods after each course has reached an end. This transparency offered by the Academy of Financial Trading is unique within online trader education.


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